by Dennis van Groningen  

Car covers availabe from stock:

MOPARMANIA offers high quality car covers for your (classic) car that can be used at car shows or temporary storage purpose. These tranparent plastic covers are water proof and offer a great protection against the elements during an outside event or temporary (inside) storage. Keeps your car safe and free of dust/ rain/ bird droppings, etc. The elastic bands all around will make sure that the cover will stay in it's place. The transparency offers you the possibility to still show your car or of course look at it when you want...high quality, re-useable.

Dimensions are: 660cm x 350cm x 50 micron thickness (good strong quality).. We do not recommend long time storage outside! fits Suburbans but not larger than that.(Maximum car length 6 meters), Maximale aut lengte 6 meter. 

Prices start at € 18,95  when picked up at our shop, € 26.95 per 1 ea. including shipping inside NL. € 45,- per 2ea. incl. shipping in NL. Europe 2 ea.  

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